How’s Life Series #7

Defining Morality with Gandhi’s Perspective

Based on Gandhi’s Book: All Men Are Brothers

“Be nice, be kind. We don’t know what will happen in the meantime”

I reread All Men Are Brothers by Gandhi. Then something snapped me when he talked about morality for all of God’s creation.

Moral is a practical manifestation of God. God is truth and love. So moral is the way to find God, that is by seeing and being united with His creation. This is the truth that Gandhi meant, and unity, reconciliation, harmony with the creation is called ahimsa. Ahimsa is not limited to beliefs or attitudes only, but rather an entire life that is ahimsa, which includes thoughts, actions, and speech. Ahimsa covers all creation, that means that people must apply ahimsa to anyone.

Moral, something that I believe is only as a term to express one’s actions. Someone who behaves well, so he is said to be moral, he has morality. Vice versa. But after reading a number of philosophies about morals, my belief in morals changed a little. Moral is not just a term, moral is also a teaching. Teachings to do good and right to God’s fellow creatures, not only humans. Teachings to respect and respect each other’s rights and obligations between people. Teaching about life balance. Sometimes people unconsciously continue to claim their rights and forget their obligations. Humans are often blinded by their rights so that they have unconsciously stepped on the rights of others. Moral here can be a limit and reference in every activity we do. My subjectivity considers that morality is not something that can be learned easily, although for me the concept of morality is very simple. You need to free your heart then let all of your burdens disappear, and I know that those process can not be done in a one blink. Therefore, it is better to instill moral concepts early even though only through simple means.

So, here I agree with Gandhi’s statement that morals are not only about how we treat other humans properly and lovingly, but also about how we treat other God’s creations. Therefore, the earth and its entire contents we need to treat correctly and lovingly.


All Men Are Brothers (Life and Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi As Told in His Own Words). Compiled & Edited by: Krishna Kripalani. Printed & Published by: Jitendra T. Desai Navajivan Mudranalaya. 2014



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