How’s Life Series #3:

Is It Worth For Those Who Have No Humanity To Be Called Humans?

The madness that is happening right now, it's like we're under attack on ourselves. Right now, we are just like crabs in a bucket, dropping each other crabs that want to try to get out. Some people who feel superior oppress the other people they consider as unequal. Sadly, the only benchmark of the equivalent is just a one simple thing, a difference. Those people who are considered different are also treated differently, and it's not in a good way. Is that what humanity is called? Do we really deserve to be called humans?

According to Fichte, humans are principally moral creatures that contain an effort. This is where humans need to accept the outside world. This attitude can make people aware of themselves and efforts to limit themselves from the wider community. That is why humans are referred to as social creatures, creatures that cannot stand alone, always needing other people to carry on their lives. Life will be a suffering if the world is seen as a desire because the satisfaction of desires is very limited, while the will is unlimited.

The philosophers' thoughts about humans continue to develop, but in this development it can not be concluded tenalitas, especially those concerning the perfection of the thought. The development of human thought shows that there is a continuing effort to discover human nature. This means that a deep and radical understanding of humanity is desired.

There is one interesting opinion about humans that rang in my mind, until this time. Lamettrie (1709-1751) as a pioneer of the materialism holds that humans are nothing but animals, soulless animals, only mere material. My brain is forced to process this opinion and keep asking the same question, is it true?

Those headlines of several news portals on social media are quite heartbreaking. Again, the racism attacks like the most dangerous virus on earth. Why? Because it can make humans lose their humanity.

The social media is going crazy, hashtag #BlackLivesMatters tops the worldwide trending topic, lots of petitions and donations are made, even demonstrations are held. The support continues to flow from the people whose hearts are still intact, the people who are still human.

It doesn’t have to go that far to the land of America just to see how cruel this racism is, which i think it’s quite enough to destroy humans. Here in Indonesia, the Papuan are still discriminated against by its own country, even today. And for this kind of case, I will never be able to understand their feelings, because I have never been in their position. As far as I live, I’ve always been the majority, and I’m just afraid if this condition would blind me. If I try to put myself in their shoes, I don’t know, probably dying is better for me. Everything is way too scary even just to imagine.

This reminds me of one of the seven social sins according to Gandhi. Pleasure without conscience. Suddenly I feel guilty when here I can still live without interruption, while there are a few people out there who cannot live in peace. Even just to show their existence, they are afraid. The circumstances scare them. Their difference scares them. Can't we just embrace one another without seeing colors? Aren't all colors equally beautiful? And isn't every human being equally valuable?

Can’t we go back to being a human with humanity?





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